Awesome Team

Allen Esteban, Content Editor/Creative Director

Allen currently works as a creative director for a magazine under an Emmy-winning, worldwide media company based in Los Angeles. He is a graduate of Architecture but his love for print and digital media led him to become a graphic artist for diverse design companies. If he wants it, he does everything to get it. He loves anything local and he loves to travel. He spends all of his money on magazines and books, and considers potato as the only vegetable he would eat.

Freniel Austria, Content Editor

A pioneer of audit analytics in the biggest Philippine conglomerate, Freniel believes in the value and wisdom in data. He refers to it as numerical imagination, seeing through bits of data and discovering the underlying stories they tell. While his career is based on analyzing people by data and numbers, he doesn’t fit into any box of the continuum. He is ambivert—gregarious enough for the day-to-day conventions of social commerce but introspective when his mind is immersed elsewhere. His love of numbers is on the same scale with his passion for the arts, reaching a Steinhaus–Moser notation.

Ellaine Laureta, Content Editor

Ellaine is a Registered Nurse by profession, a journalist by passion, and an advocate for holistic health and youth empowerment. This young leader and philanthropist is on a mission to explore the world and leave a positive impact wherever the Creator of the universe leads her. She is currently living her best life in New York and encourages others to do the same through her inspirational, faith-based blog. When she’s not saving lives, you can find her spending quality time with her family, volunteering in her community, capturing life’s precious moments with a camera, creating content straight from the heart, and low-key obsessing over postcards.

Rosselle Sison, Editorial Assistant/Writer

For Rosselle, everyone needs to be informed based on facts. A Journalism graduate, she is passionate about documenting reality and capturing life events in photos and letters. She is currently based in Hong Kong as a teacher, enabling children to realize their potential. Her confidence led her to be a Video Creator on YouTube, where she shares her interests and stories as an OFW.

Hazel Buctayon, Copy Editor

Hazel’s passion lies in four things: the law, the aesthetics of articles and stories, anime, and speaking fluent cat language. A graduate of Journalism, she currently works as an editor of a local newspaper. When not working and reading, you’d find her at the employ of her thirteen kittens and cats as their servant. Her sole social encounter is her night life in law school and bashing poorly written articles on the internet where she engages the ire of butt-hurt netizens. She likes black coffee, anyway.

Brent Narciso, Literary Editor

Brent is a university instructor, who has his sights set on pursuing a master’s degree in Pharmacy. He believes that every person is full of potential and needs sparks of creativity. He ignites his own creativity and imagination by spending time in the great outdoors. Literary writing, especially English poetry, piques his interest. He is an easy-going guy who considers the turtle as his spirit animal. After finishing his academic duties, you would find this Grey’s Anatomy junkie binge watching the series while guzzling yogurt.

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