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NV Crowns New Queens

Search for Saniata ti Nueva Vizcaya Winners and Top 5 Q&A

The Search for Saniata ti Nueva Vizcaya 2019 has just been concluded and an accountant from the town of Solano has won the title.

Here is the list of winners:

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Now Our Watch Has Ended

The best tweets from Game of Throne’s series finale

For someone who have watched the HBOโ€™s fantasy drama since 2011, the last installment of Game of Thrones is a dragonglass dagger through the heart. While the series ended with a very unfamiliar impressionโ€” loose plot thread, unfinished character arcs, timeline jumpsโ€” itโ€™s one of the shows that require the same courage from Lady Lyanna Mormont to say goodbye. Good thing, the Game of Thrones community in Twitter is here to stay to help us deal with our separation anxiety.

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