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One thing about Cubao is the air will always be sultry even when dusk has completely fallen. It is approaching 7:00 pm, when a prominent creative joins us at a little hole-in-the-wall kitchen bar. His warm smile only makes the hot weather agreeable. He swears his alias โ€œRombutanโ€ doesnโ€™t mean much, just a portmanteau of his name and the prickly fruit. But rambutan may be his befitting metaphor, behind his poignant artwork is an effervescent person with colorful stories to tell. It is the first time we meet him, but our conversation and the laughters in between feel like a reunion that has been long time coming.

Behind his poignant artwork is an effervescent person with colorful stories to tell.Letโ€™s get to know more about Rombutan in our maiden issue! Pre-order your copies now! ๐Ÿ™Œ~~~~โ‡๏ธ RETAIL PRICEPhp 385.00~~~โ‡๏ธ MODES OF HANDLINGLBC, Metro Manila Meet ups (SM Megamall, SM Aura, SM MOA), Nueva Vizcaya Meet ups (Bayombong, Solano)~~~โ‡๏ธ MODES OF PAYMENTPaypal, GCash, Bank Transfer (BDO)~~~โ‡๏ธ To place your orders, send a message with the following details to our IG account: No. of order/s:Name:Address:Contact No.:Mode of handling:Mode of payment:~~~โ‡๏ธ DEADLINE OF PRE-ORDERS:August 30, 2019~~~โ‡๏ธ For more info, email us at or send us a message thru our social media accounts.~~~Enjoy this 250+ page, perfectly bound collection of stories, literary pieces, artwork, and photographs. Be inspired by the stories of young Filipino creatives leaving their distinct mark locally and abroad. Flip through the crisp, full-color pages of the print magazine, admire the high quality visuals, and catch a whiff of that new book scent. โœจThe clock is ticking so pre-order your copy now!#novicemagazineph#novicamagazinephgoestoprint#printneverdies~~~๐Ÿ“น Allen Esteban

Posted by Novice Magazine on Friday, August 9, 2019

Why the pseudonym โ€œrombutanโ€? Because just like the fruit rambutan, even though I have this rough ugly exterior, Iโ€™m all sweet and soft inside. Just kidding! To be honest, itโ€™s just a random play on words, Rom and rambutan.

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The Curious Case of Antonio Sanchez and How The Media Sets the “Agenda”

Photo from Philippine Star

Does it not bother or intrigue you that Antonio Sanchez became a talk of the town overnight as subject of the peopleโ€™s ire? Almost no one among this age group know him or even remember him, but with one news saying he MIGHT (note the term) be released, along with 11,000 other prisoners, he suddenly rose to fame for all the bad reasons and the rage of the public were quickly directed at him.

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OFWs In Hong Kong: A Different Sunday

Sunday is the rest day of OFWs in Hong Kong. Today, it is also when the biggest protests and public demonstrations are held.

A workplace of Filipino engineers, domestic helpers, tutors, musicians, performers and other employees, Hong Kong is considered a home away from home of almost 200,000 OFWs. It is also a famous tourist and shopping destination, its reputation being the Asiaโ€™s World City.

But peace and order broke out when a controversial extradition bill destabilized the whole community of Hong Kong, ensuing to a series of protests and social outcry against the government. Thousands of Hongkongers occupy the different districts of the city almost every week. Violence is everywhere.

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