I thought I was afraid of moving to a new direction,

of the misgivings and the intent of not going back.

But all this time, what I’m really terrified is changing too much

then losing myself because I knew I’d never be that person again.

And I have changed since then, my piece no longer fits in the puzzle.

But I have never felt this joy of leaving as I am coming home.

The Curious Case of Antonio Sanchez and How The Media Sets the “Agenda”

Photo from Philippine Star

Does it not bother or intrigue you that Antonio Sanchez became a talk of the town overnight as subject of the people’s ire? Almost no one among this age group know him or even remember him, but with one news saying he MIGHT (note the term) be released, along with 11,000 other prisoners, he suddenly rose to fame for all the bad reasons and the rage of the public were quickly directed at him.

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OFWs In Hong Kong: A Different Sunday

Sunday is the rest day of OFWs in Hong Kong. Today, it is also when the biggest protests and public demonstrations are held.

A workplace of Filipino engineers, domestic helpers, tutors, musicians, performers and other employees, Hong Kong is considered a home away from home of almost 200,000 OFWs. It is also a famous tourist and shopping destination, its reputation being the Asia’s World City.

But peace and order broke out when a controversial extradition bill destabilized the whole community of Hong Kong, ensuing to a series of protests and social outcry against the government. Thousands of Hongkongers occupy the different districts of the city almost every week. Violence is everywhere.

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Now Our Watch Has Ended

The best tweets from Game of Throne’s series finale

For someone who have watched the HBO’s fantasy drama since 2011, the last installment of Game of Thrones is a dragonglass dagger through the heart. While the series ended with a very unfamiliar impression— loose plot thread, unfinished character arcs, timeline jumps— it’s one of the shows that require the same courage from Lady Lyanna Mormont to say goodbye. Good thing, the Game of Thrones community in Twitter is here to stay to help us deal with our separation anxiety.

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The Crazy Guys In IT

Every time I open my Facebook, it keeps asking me to complete my profile. The last guy I dated did not even bother to ask what my hobbies are, so thank you Mr. Zuckerberg. Finally, I added fishing as one of my hobbies. I scrolled through my newsfeed to check if the suggested posts have changed. But I only saw a ton of Profoundly posts— throwaway bits of humor, satire, sexual desire or just plain absurdity that may sum up the intelligence of this generation.

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